ABOUT:AR Sheriffs’ Association

The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association supports the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment rights of our citizens. We recognize the recent increase in violence and mass shootings have raised questions relating to the sale and possession of firearms. The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association further believes that we must hold offenders responsible, not law abiding citizens.

The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association does support enforcement of the existing gun laws and the strengthening of current background checks, including identifying individuals with mental health issues. The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association does not support legislation that restricts current gun possession and current gun sales to our citizens that weakens our 2nd Amendment Rights.

The Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association is comprised of Sheriffs from across the state who proudly serve and protect the citizens of Arkansas and provides up-to-date information for Arkansas Sheriffs and Deputies regarding other Sheriffs in the state, all activities of the ASA, and relevant issues concerning law enforcement.

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