Chris McMillen


Chris McMillen’s greatest strength is seeing opportunity where others don’t. It’s how Mass was born, and it’s how we grow. He knows marketing is not a magic trick; to be effective, it takes a clear message told to a particular audience in the way they want to hear it. Chris’s expertise is in websites, mobile apps, search engine optimization and all things digital, but he recognizes that these mediums are only the basis of a solid approach to making clients and customers aware and encouraging them to act. Chris is the Hatter at our tea party.

With an abundant knowledge and experience in the design and marketing industry, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to Mass Enthusiasm. Chris is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a BS in Computer Science. He is also a lifetime member of Psi Chi - The National Honor Society in Psychology. In his off time, Chris can be found taking care of his three beautiful children, setting a positive example for students through the Dunbar Mentoring program and being an active participant in local community outreach programs.

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John Slaughter

Web Developer

Rounding out our technology development team is John Slaughter, who is responsible for the production, modification and maintenance of client websites and web application’s user interfaces. John works closely with ME’s designers and server-side developers to implement and deliver complex, interactive and database-driven websites, but mainly, John is the calm in the storm that is advertising. He’s one sharp cookie; John was on the Chancellor’s List at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, earned a Hathaway Endowed Scholarship and studied abroad in Yucatan, Mexico, among other accomplishments. When he’s not coding, he’s reading about it. John is the Lory in the Story of ME.

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Tina McMillen

Social Media Strategist

Tina McMillen wears many hats as Mass Enthusiasm's social media strategist, but her approach to connecting with audiences is seamless. In addition to developing content strategy, creating brand awareness, generating inbound traffic and cultivating leads and sales, Tina helps lead ME to a bright future. In the Story of ME, Tina is our Eaglet.

As a pioneer in social media, Tina manages social networking plans to help our clients funnel word-of-mouth marketing and create relationships that contribute to their long-term success.

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