Our Story

If you close your eyes and tilt your head, you’ll see how the story about Mass Enthusiasm is really a fairytale.


he hero of our story is Chris McMillen, president, owner and visionary of Mass Enthusiasm. In 2003, he took a leap of faith and left his full-time gig to traverse the wild and sometimes treacherous waters of website development and promotions. Of course, he was just as surprised as anyone when he could pay his staff and himself through ME.

Then, the company began to grow. So, Chris hired designers and developers to create branding suites, websites and mobile apps. All was well. So well, in fact, that ME began to grow again. This time, Chris and his team decided to take a collective leap of faith and place ME’s flag in the terra firma of Little Rock’s ad agencies. 

ME now included creative director Chris Ho, art director Jason Rogers, technical director T.J. Mahaffey, social media strategist Tina McMillen and Chris McMillen leading the team.

We will be judged by what we do, not what we say.

In 2013, the ME team partnered with Kelli Reep, a public relations practitioner and owner of her own agency, Flywrite Communications, Inc. Kelli’s level of creative insanity compliment ME’s team beautifully. In 2014, ME and Flywrite joined forces to provide clients with a full suite of marketing communications services.

Then ME grew again, hiring two web developers – Andrew Sever and John Slaughter. The eight of them soon realized their original digs couldn’t contain the whirlwind they generated. So, ME picked up stakes and moved to the historic Pyramid Place in downtown Little Rock. It’s usually about this part in any fairytale when the characters live happily ever after. But for ME, our story is just beginning.

* Illustrations by T.J. Mahaffey.