Malvern National Bank


Our challenge was to take the Malvern Bank brand and give it a more modern feel.  Everything was outdated - from signage on their bank branches to TV commercials and printed collateral to their website.  The bank was in a position to expand into the Little Rock area, and the task was to give the bank a more urban, seamless look.



The task was to take the bank to a broader, more modern and urban look. The plan was to take their existing logo design and update it but not make too drastic of a change. It was important to maintain the historical look of the original logo while renovating it. Keeping a similar shape, we stayed with the bank’s concept but took a different direction with how the letters connected. Our approach to the new arrangement and letter position allowed the logo to be more legible while keeping to the original layout. 

Social Media

We setup and customized Facebook and Twitter to match the new brand. Social media efforts made a significant impact with kicking off this new website and bank branch in Little Rock.

Print Collateral

Personal and business Banking tri-fold brochures were created using the new identity and theme to compliment the website. 


“Personal banking made easy” was the concept driving the outdoor boards.  This look would correspond with the new TV ads being broadcast.

Website Development

The old bank website had reached a point where the content had outgrown the site structure.  The website's navigation and page structure was cumbersome, often losing the visitor as he or she searched for information. This is familiar problem, and our task was to create a more structured navigation that made it easier for the user to view and learn about the bank's services.  One of the most user-friendly features we incorporated was to make the website responsive in different mobile devices. Responsive design allows the user on a mobile phone or tablet to view the same content as the desktop version without getting a watered-down or awkward website experience.