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Unicode Provides World With Early Holiday Surprise

Stop the presses, quit your politics! The most important news of the year is here! The new Emoji 10.2 concept updates have...

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Unicode Provides World With Early Holiday Surprise

Stop the presses, quit your politics! The most important news of the year is here!

The new Emoji 10.2 concept updates have been released and 72 new icons have been approved for lift-off!

If you didn't get excited after reading that, than I’m not even sure why you have a cellphone and you should probably consider whether your text conversations are living up to their full potential. 

The newest round of updates to the global language that we all love is sure to satisfy even the biggest cynic or skeptic. The emoji-makers, aka the Unicode Consortium team, heard the digital worlds’ cries and complaints and took note, revamping some of their old, beloved icons, and adding a plethora of new. 

Revisions for old icons will make them appear rounded, dimensional, and uniform to the last round of updated icons from the iOS 10 update. 

As for the new icons? So far, there are 72 that have been approved by Unicode. A few of our favorites include the vomiting emoji, shrugging icon, face palm, glass of whiskey, but most importantly - the beautiful additions of diversity!

Source: Emojipedia

My personal favorite? The addition of the hijab! With 55 million+ people out there who can relate directly to these two additions, it's a sign to underrepresented groups that Unicode recognizes the importance of respecting diversity on all fronts. Besides, it's a global platform, it should represent its wide, electic userbase.

To top it all off, Emoji users have been making due with combinations of icons to create one expression of a current emotion for years. Well, combine no more guys because the Unicode team has found us a solution or three and needless to say we are … 

While the update has not been given an official release date, and emojis are subject to change before release, we are excited and ready to see these new additions roll out. It's almost like unwrapping a Christmas present early for all of us working in the Promotions deparment.  

Will you be getting a little Emjoi-nal with us in 2017? Or are you just kinda like... 

Source: EmojipediaBONUS: For all those Chi-O alums and avocado fiends, dreams really do come true.

 *all images provided by Emojipedia

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Cari Brady | Digital Media Strategist

November 17,2016

How To: Facebook Data Mining
Did you utilize digital in 2016?