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iPhone 7: The Future of Marketing

In the world of Digital Marketing, it’s important to keep up with new products and trends in the tech world. The new iP...

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iPhone 7: The Future of Marketing

In the world of Digital Marketing, it’s important to keep up with new products and trends in the tech world. The new iPhone 7, which was just released, is one such development that sent consumers into a frenzy.

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies around, constantly and consistently shelling out products that get better and more advanced. So what does this release mean for your business, and how can you use the iPhone 7 updates in your favor?

Everyone can be a photographer.

Gone are the days of shaky, disposable cameras. With each new iPhone release, Apple has made its cameras better and better, and the iPhone 7 is no different. Your photos are sharper, clearer and brighter. 

You can also take professional looking photos in low-lighted areas, something the previous versions lacked. This means that even the most amateur of photographers can take high quality pictures. So the next time you need photos to boost your social media presence, just take out your iPhone. Apple has made it easy to get the photos you want in the easiest way possible.

Things happen fast.

This iPhone is the fastest one ever, giving consumers what they need in the blink of an eye. If you’re familiar with tech, you are probably used to how fast everything is. We don’t have to sit and wait to connect to dial-up internet anymore. We pull out our phones or laptops and get connected instantly.

Your customers are used to getting things done quickly, so we may see a trend of businesses starting to favor speed over efficiency. As people who work in the tech industry, we need to remember the importance of getting things done without sacrificing quality.

Our world is changing.

We’ve seen over time how revolutionary products and ideas become obsolete after a few years. It is important to notice the rise and fall of certain trends in order to cater them to what technology you are using in your business. This year the iPhone 7 does not have a headphone jack - instead, Apple is selling wireless ear pods.

Apple is slowly but surely pushing us into the future - into a world of minimal design, where everything is easy to use and the world is at your fingertips. How long will it be until everything we own is completely intuitive? Smart Homes are on the rise, as are artificial intelligence systems like Siri and Alexa.

For an iPhone release, this one is pretty standard. Improved camera, quicker interface and a better design. However, the iPhone 7 is laying the groundwork for some pretty revolutionary technology. It’s already changing the way we think and talk to people. It will change the way your company markets its products. The world of digital marketing is changing, and our future is looking bright.

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Jacklyn Carroll

September 16,2016

All Work & Some Play
Understanding Value