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Digital Climate Change is Real

Whoever said, “some things never change,” obviously never had an Instagram account.

In fact, here at Mass, we’d argue that when it comes to social strategy and digital buying, it’s is the exact opposite. We’d amend the adage to read something more like, “Everything changes all of the time and it will never stop so forget everything you think you knew because it will be different by the time you wake up tomorrow.”

Being part of an ever-changing culture like we are can seem overwhelming at times - especially in the digital industry, and especially when our rate of communication continues to accelerate as it is. As our ability to communicate with each other becomes faster and more streamlined, our demand for newness/new ways to connect increases too. This correlating relationship is why and how social media has become such a powerful communication tool for people around the globe. 

To benchmark the rate of digital communication advancement here at the agency, I keep track of app updates. Why? Because every time an app has an update, it’s updating the way in which we communicate. 

Since the application is changing, it is safe to assume the way people use it is going to change, which directly impacts the way in which we communicate with each other through it. So, in the short period of time since your last platform update, how you use your device has changed, along with the ways you communicate through it. While we may moan about having to make these small updates to our devices, these micro-changes help disassemble the communication barriers that currently exist and help pave the way for future developers and innovators to better interconnect us. 

Facebook is just one application among many that understands the importance of tracking the flow of communication, and they track it well. Facebook is constantly adapting its platform to find the best experience for its multitude of users. With its user-heavy database and companies like Axiom to help mine through it, Facebook is constantly able to roll out new experiences and test ways to help audiences communicate better with each other. 

While updates to a platform may mean renewed education for digital media strategists like myself, it also means getting to incorporate an entirely new advertising medium for our clients campaigns, and what strategist doesn’t like experimenting with new mediums? 

Speaking of new, earlier this week Facebook introduced a slew of new updates to their platform and to say this strategist is excited would be an understatement. 

Firstly, they introduced new e-commerce utilities to the public, allowing businesses to provide general bookings and purchases directly from their Facebook page at no additional cost. Companies including Fandango are already using this feature to create things like digital tickets that consist of a simple QR code and appears in a users Facebook account for ease of access at check-in.

In addition, Facebook is also testing out sponsored advertising within ‘Group’ hubs, as well as in the popular search bar glued to the top of each feed, and within Facebook Messenger. Live video and video services have been a big push for Facebook lately and their quarterly update did not fail to take advantage of that as they will also be rolling out vertical video going into 2017 and advancing their 360 and interactive services. 

Also be on the look out for Facebook’s new integrated marketing campaign starting this week. It will focus on their biggest feature rollout of 2016 - Facebook Live. Catch the mega-platform’s campaign on buses, television, airports digital billboards and more as they work on getting more every-day users to partake live interactions and building their overall online video presence.

While there are many more fun social media updates in store for 2017, we’ll save them for a later date… we promised Facebook. ;) 

Want to find out more about the digital climate and how your business can be best prepared for change? Give our team at Inthooz a call or shoot us a message - we’d love to set up some time to get social with you and your business. 

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Cari Brady | Digital Media Strategist

October 24,2016

Facebook Competitor Insights
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